BIKI: First Bionic Wireless Under water Fish Drone

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Located in the historic and tourist center of Valencia.

New 7.5% Fixed Rate opportunity in 18 months!

Report for the investor. Rates and risks  as well as the  Promoter Report .

We present Hotel Lope de Vega in Valencia, a Fixed Type modality opportunity that consists in the granting of a loan to a promoter for the development of a Boutique Hotel consisting of  9  complete apartments.


  1. The promoters have two adjoining buildings to rehabilitate with the  included building  license .
  2. The developers have already bought the buildings as you can see  here .
  3. The apartments will be built in accordance with  the CTE  (Technical Building Code), the regulations of the Valencia City Council and the Generalitat Valenciana.
  4. Being a Fixed Rate modality 1 , you  start earning income from the first month  until the developer repays the entire loan. The interest is 7.5 % in 18 months!

The buildings are adjacent, practically symmetrical, and are located in the historic center of Valencia.

In the best tourist area of ​​Valencia, in a pedestrian square, with facades to Lope de Vega Square and Martin Mengod Street. Right in the square where the Church of Santa Catalina is, the Redonda square. Area of ​​the Cathedral, the Miguelete, Central Market, etc.

It is the tourist area par excellence of Valencia, with a great passage of people.

It has a ground floor of about 60 m2, with a living area and cafeteria, loft with storage, and four floors. Each floor has two symmetrical complete apartments.

In the Additional Information tab  you can see the dossier of the project.


It is your perfect opportunity to invest in Valencia!


Risks and warnings: ENAVINCI It is not covered by any investment guarantee or deposit funds. This project has not been supervised by the CNMV or the Bank of Spain or by any other regulator, Spanish or foreign. The information provided by the promoter has not been reviewed by the CNMV nor constitutes a brochure approved by it. ENAVINCI does not provide financial advice, so nothing on this website should be interpreted as such. The investment in this project involves the following risks: risk of total or partial loss of the invested capital, risk of not obtaining the expected monetary return and risk of illiquidity to recover the investment; subordinate nature of the loan, in particular against the mortgagee, in those cases in which the acquisition of the property object of the project is financed additionally by means of loans with mortgage guarantee. The profitability expressed is based on mere estimates of the future evolution of the amount of real estate prices, which may or may not occur. The project promoter is responsible to investors for the information they have provided to the participatory financing platform for publication within the project on the website. The responsibility of the   promoter  is limited to its share capital. Due to the limited own resources available to the promoter before obtaining the financing, the ENAVINCI commission is financed within the project and is included in the total amount to be financed by the investors.  However, there is an additional guarantee that you can consult in the Promoter’s Report. According to the particular conditions of this project offered, the first investors in it will have the possibility of accessing relevant information about future projects. The maximum term to invest in this opportunity may be extended by an additional 25% to the initially planned term, in accordance with the Law on the Promotion of Business Financing. Likewise, ENAVINCI may close the financing of this opportunity / project when it has been financed by 90%. This information is extended  here .

1 Fixed rate: 12-month fixed rate loan to the real estate developer where interest is distributed monthly and the principal is amortized at the end of the project.

2 Annual fixed interest on the loan. While interest is not guaranteed, there is an additional guarantee provided by the promoter. For more details see the Promoter’s Report.



    TERM       18  months

    ANNUAL PROFITABILITY : it is the fixed interest agreed by the promoter. Interest will be distributed monthly.

    TOTAL PROFITABILITY : is the estimated total return on investment. It takes into account the term and the annual fixed interest agreed by the promoter.

    DEADLINE : is the estimated duration of the opportunity.
    Funding Objective 1 € 900,000.00
    Benefit of operation 2 € 84,000.00
    1 - Loan amount requested by the developer.
    2 -  Fixed interest to be distributed monthly among investors.
    The maximum term to invest in this opportunity may be extended by an additional 25%, initially established in accordance with the Law of 5/2015 on the promotion of business financing. Likewise, if the opportunity / project had reached at least 90% of the financing objective, ENAINVEST may complete the total objective effectively.


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